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The Benefits of an LMS in the Pharmaceutical Industry - An Infographic

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Why a Learning Management System can streamline training and increase business growth in the Pharma Industry.

Scroll through our helpful infographic below to learn about just some of the advantages of using an LMS.

Compliance Training

The Pharma industry is an extremely regulated industry, where all procedures need to conform to globally accepted standards.

Through an LMS, you can ensure your workforce is fully trained with up-to-date content; greatly reducing non-compliance issues.

Easy to Update Content

Procedures and products can change over time. It's expensive and time-consuming to retain your workforce, especially if this is done at a physical location.

An LMS allows you to create, and easily update, interactive content - allowing you to inform your workforce through engaging online content.


Data and text heavy documentation is hard to digest. Readers may become disengaged and less likely to absorb critical information.

Gamification features such as quizzes, awards and certificates - motivates and rewards learners. Important content is more likely to be retained when the information is engaging.

Measure Progress

Ensuring the workforce is up-to-date on their training, and being able to track the success of that training, can be difficult.

A Learning Management System can give you detailed reports, allowing you to track the completion of training as well as how successful the uptake has been.

Develop and Retain Talent

Employees can rapidly feel undervalued and demotivated if they are mot developing their skills and progressing along a career path.

An LMS can help support and develop the workforce, increasing retention and performance rates.

Asynchronous eLearning

The pharmaceutical environment is fast-paced and is not well suited for prolonged periods of personal learning and development.

A Learning Management System gives people the flexibility to learn in bite size chunks, at their own pace and on the device of their choosing.


Want to learn more?

Cheyenne LMS is a Learning Management System built for insights and results. If you're looking to improve your business by using an LMS, or your current LMS is causing you issues, get in touch.


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