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The Benefits of an LMS for Franchisors - An Infographic

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

What are the benefits of a Learning Management System for a Franchise business?

As a Franchisor, you might be at the stage of wanting to grow your business in a sensible an economic manner.

Scroll through our helpful infographic below to learn about just some of the advantages of using an LMS.

Align the Mission and Vision

Regular communication to your Franchisees through an LMS will ensure your branding and ethos is replicated effectively throughout the business.

Better Learner Engagement

Print-outs of training modules and checklists will not encourage a positive learning environment for Franchisees or their employees.

An LMS is more regarding and improves knowledge retention.

No Geographical Boundaries

The expense of sending people to training seminars or hiring trainers is greatly reduced using an LMS.

Training can now be implemented digitally and globally.

Economical Scaling

As your Franchise chain expands over time, you’ll want a scalable and cost-effective way to provide training and information to Franchisees.

An LMS is a low-cost solution that can support and encourage business growth.

Keep Track of Training

Provide standardised and interactive training across your Franchise by using an LMS.

Training progress can be tracked and analysed to ensure Franchisees are reaching their full potential.

Asynchronous eLearning

An LMS gives people the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on the device of their choosing.

Learners can be educated at a level suitable to their individual circumstances.


Want to learn more?

Cheyenne LMS is a Learning Management System built for insights and results. If you're looking to improve your business by using an LMS, or your current LMS is causing you issues, get in touch.


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