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Industry Experience

Cheyenne LMS has been successfully deployed in industries where had pre-existing experience and where we have developed experience since.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Working in validated environments requires a high level of process adherence, ensuring that steps are followed and documented correctly.


Onboarding new team members and moving team members to different workstations can be challenging to ensure that training and certification is up to date.


Use of a learning management platform in pharmaceutical manufacturing is often matched to compliance – satisfactory completion of training modules allows staff to take on new tasks and even new roles.


Because of the complex nature of manufacturing processes, content authors frequently incorporate learning methods that simulate real-world scenarios, to complement theoretical learning.

The trackability of content consumption and confirmation of learning has assisted Cheyenne clients achieve adherence to regulatory standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9004:2018 and the US FDA's CFR 21 Part 11.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing


Customer engagement and management requires a rich mix of skills and resources.


Learning management platforms are regularly used for customer facing teams, particularly with regulated products. Platforms are designed and managed to ensure that sales and service are conducted in a commercially positive yet compliant manner.


Rich analytics provides insight on progress by individual learners through mandatory and optional modules, with continuing education, certification and re-certification timed and managed.


Also in scope for many organisations in finance are partner organisations that may be introducers of customers. They require training and certification on product availability, qualification criteria, terms & conditions, etc.


Supply Chain & Distribution

The supply chains of many organisations can be complex, multi-node chains that provide parts and materials to short timescales, often across national borders. Maintaining compliance across these chains can benefit from rich, always-on, education resources, either freely available or restricted to certain partners.


Keeping all parts of a complex supply chain up to date on regulatory or organisational restrictions and keeping information clear is critical as supply chain partners, from contract manufacturers, third party logistics organisations, etc. are working for a wide variety of customers and so have to maintain awareness of a wide range of standard operation procedures.


Many will be industry standard, but wide availability of learning management platforms can aid compliance.



Maintaining attention and interest in formal education requires many things, not least a great teacher.


Tools and methods such as learning management platforms can assist educators to reach and engage students. Platforms that blend real-world and simulated exercises and ones that support creative treatments of learning materials, are particularly useful for hitting learning objectives.


Mixing media, tempo and style can go a long way to making learning a positive experience and creating high quality outcomes for the largest possible number of learners, so platforms that offer lots of creativity in communication forms will be helpful.


All of this creativity needs to be easy to use and deploy, allowing quick changes to be made, previewed published.

School education
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