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Service & Support

We are with you all the way


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We are with you all the way

Commercial Support

Account Management

To support your audience engagement strategy, Cheyenne will deploy a team to support you.  Our account teams have years of experience in digital engagement.  We can support your understanding of the data and science behind:

Learning :: Reaction :: Behaviour :: Results

Tech Support

Systems Monitoring

Cheyenne monitoring of production, qual and sandbox environments gives you the peace of mind that your learning environment is secure, performant and ready to scale with you.

For on-site and private cloud deployments we are comfortable sharing monitoring tasks and happy to make experience-based recommendations on optimal monitoring configurations and tooling

Getting Started

Implementation Support

Cheyenne LMS has been carefully designed to ensure an intuitive user environment where Learner Users should require
little or no training to use the system. For Content Authors, there is more to learn as they will be creating content for Learner
Users. Training is available to onboard Content Authors.


Project-based or long term skills augmentation

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Content Authoring Service

We have instructional designers, graphic artists, videographers and UX designers available to support your content creation needs. This can be on an ad-hoc basis or, if required, we can take on the full content creation, management and re-versioning workflow for your organisation.

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Content Consulting

We can help you to assess the efficacy of your training materials and courses:  Do they change Behaviours?  Are you achieving the Results you intended?

Often the answers to these lie in the data.  We can help you interpret that data and make informed decisions on how to re-imagine content and how content is organised or delivered

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Content Porting

Importing and exporting learning content between applications is time consuming despite the "portability" offered by SCORM, xAPI, TinCan, etc. 

We understand the hidden complexities and can free up time for your content authors and trainers to do what they do best - construct fabulous teaching material

Skills augmentation

Project Management

Change takes effort.  Rapid change is often disruptive.  

Our experienced PMs can support your learning-related change programmes so that such value initiatives become more predictable and benefits are realised sooner.

Skills building and augmentation


Design training days allow Content Authors and Administrators to develop best practice learning design skills, so as to optimise interactive learning environments for a variety of different learner types and needs with the aim of maximising user satisfaction and learning outcomes

Custom tech deployments

To Private Cloud / Network Deployment

According to your needs we can deploy Cheyenne LMS to proprietary clouds or to client-managed cloud services (such as AWS).

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