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LMS for Finance

If you work in the finance industry, you’ll know that there is frequent training required for customer-facing teams to ensure they’re up to date with regulated products. 


With so many complex processes and regulations in the financial services, staff training can be a drain on time and resources - but the amount of manpower needed is vastly reduced when you use an LMS.


Cheyenne LMS offers a platform that’s designed and managed to ensure that sales and service at all levels are conducted in a manner that’s both commercially positive and compliant.

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Ensure consistent training

Whether you’re training new-starts or rolling out a new product for all employees, digital training ensures that everyone gets the same standard of training, which can be difficult to regulate across different branches and locations. With an LMS for finance, you can ensure training is completed on time, identify any knowledge gaps, and test understanding of the training material.


When new legislation is introduced, it’s quicker and easier to roll out digital learning than it is to organise face-to-face training sessions for all staff members who may be working to different schedules, in different locations, and even in different timezones.

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User-friendly training

When it comes to staff training, you want to make it as easy as possible. Our LMS for finance is customisable so you can create a truly engaging training package, including presentations, tests and quizzes for a hands-on learning experience. With Cheyenne LMS, you can create interactive modules for deeply engaged learning, and your employees will benefit from intuitive layouts, designed to stimulate learners.


Rich analytics provide insight on progress by individual learners working through both mandatory and optional modules so you can prove that all employees have completed the training on time and that they’ve successfully passed. 


Learners can be rewarded with Certification or the awarding of CPD hours.

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New product launches

Delivering in-person training every time a new product is launched is time-consuming and not particularly cost-effective. With a finance LMS, you can ensure that every employee in your company learns everything they need to know about the new product. The more employees understand the new product, the easier it’ll be for them to upsell and cross-sell to customers. 


You could even incentivise staff with rewards and certificates for those who achieve the best scores in training.

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Partner training tool

In the finance and banking industries, it’s common to work with partner organisations, which may introduce customers to your business. The more they understand about your products, the better - so you can also use our finance LMS to provide training and certification on product availability, qualification criteria and other essential information.

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Set up your LMS finance platform today

Whether you want to take charge of content creation, or need our support, Cheyenne LMS can help you create an intuitive, user-friendly platform with granular data collection and plenty more features. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can support all your digital learning needs.

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