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LMS for Education

If you’re in the education sector, you know that maintaining attention and interest in formal education requires many things - not least a great teacher.


A learning management system in education can make it easier for educators to reach and engage students, but an LMS can be used for much more than traditional teacher-student learning in schools, colleges and universities. It’s also a useful tool for organisations that support educators, membership organisations, and other non-traditional training-led environments.

A kid in an e-learning environment

Create a positive learning environment

Cheyenne LMS is customisable to suit your needs, with many different teaching styles supported including micro-learning, video-based teaching and self-directed training, so you can mix and match to suit the needs of learners. 


Mixing media, tempo and style can go a long way to making learning a positive experience, ensuring learners will be proactive and engaged throughout their learning experience.

Remote learning for kids

Granular analytics and reporting

Data gathering, analysis and reporting is an important part of the educational system, but the sector is often hampered by poor, fragmented data which makes it difficult to report accurately or take insights from data to improve processes.


That’s not the case with Cheyenne LMS. We offer extensive reporting capabilities so you can delve deep into the stats (presented in an easy-to-read format), so you can understand what’s working and where improvements need to be focused.

A computer with lots of charts and statistics

Test and assess learning

Whatever role your organisation takes, from educating students to supporting educators, assessments will be an important part of the learning process. With an LMS designed specifically for education, you can incorporate tests as well as rewards to incentivise and engage learners.

A woman writing on a chalkboard

Training for staff and other providers

An LMS for education isn’t just for students. You can also use Cheyenne to train and support educators, support staff and partner organisations. This is something that SEEMiS, an Education Management Information System provider, did with success. Cheyenne LMS was used to train educational staff on how to use the SEEMiS systems, enabling them to comply with regulations whilst also making their lives easier.


Switching from traditional face to face instruction to an education LMS, as SEEMiS did, could save your organisation time and money, whilst ensuring a high standard and consistency of training. It also allows you to more effectively track course completion, and follow up on knowledge or training gaps.

A teacher standing in front of a chalkboard

Switch to an LMS for education today

From easy content authoring to in-depth reporting, there are lots of benefits to a learning management system for the education sector, no matter what role your organisation takes - and, of course, we’ll be with you all the way with continuous service and support.


Get in touch with us to find out more about what our LMS can do for your business.

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