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Usage Examples for Cheyenne LMS

e-learning has a variety of applications.   

Learn how clients have solved a business "problem" with a Cheyenne solution

Product launch support

Writing on Glass

Increase the rate of new product take up in verticals where the success of such products is reliant on intermediaries (re-sellers, prescribers, etc) being able to understand product benefits before recommending to end-users.

Product education for customers


For products which are complex or where their use is subject to regulation it is worth considering e-learning to "educate" (rather than sell) and confirm understanding.

Franchise network support


Supporting your franchisees at all stages of your relationship guarantees mutual growth.  Take an "Education First" approach to ensuring high customer service quality and policy compliance

Sales Team Development

Sales team working together

Improve the quality, quantity and  consistency of new contracts through education and best practice sharing

Staff onboarding & induction


Reduced time to staff value contribution by bringing a consistent approach for new employees and their organisations

Employee engagement & company culture


Use story telling and quizzes to explain the link between brand and they way you go about your day to day business.  

This is especially important during periods of heavy change.

Continuing Professional Development


Guided and unguided training which aligns organisation and individual goals to be achieved for all stages of an employee's career

Regulatory & compliance training

Health and safety at work

In regulated industries, satisfy your statutory and governing body requirements for new and existing staff
through e-learning. 

Use certification, tracking and reporting to increase compliance levels and reduce the effort required to achieve those higher levels.

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