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The Features of Cheyenne LMS

Cheyenne LMS multimedia screens

UX at our heart

We built Cheyenne LMS to address 3 key needs for organisations considering e-learning:


  • A fantastic learning experience

  • Simply and intuitive content authoring

  • Granular data analytics collection

Flexible deployment and integration options

One thing does not work for everyone.

Our platform can work as a fully standalone service or it can be configured to work with different SSO tools, Human Resource Management applications, Document Management Systems and Digital Asset Management systems.


Linking to external management systems, and the like, will require additional customisation depending on the extent of integration.

Make content creation simple or let us help you

Learning content can be highly customised with custom question types when creating training materials.


The look and feel of the application, images, backgrounds, etc. are in your control. 

If you need help in the production process, let us know.  We've got years of experience in building compelling and engaging learning content.


Cheyenne LMS has been carefully designed to ensure an intuitive user environment where Learners and Content Authors should require little training to use the system

Close up of Cheyenne LMS on a laptop
Cheyenne LMS running on a Mac
Cheyenne LMS running on a tablet
Cheyenne LMS running on a laptop

Want to learn more?

We've only covered the main features of our LMS.

If you want to learn more, or discuss ways of customising the LMS to suit your requirements, let us know below.

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