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LMS for Supply Chain & Distribution

The supply chains for many organisations can be complex, multi-node chains with many different moving parts. Your business might supply parts and materials to short timescales, and you might even operate across national borders.


An LMS designed for supply chain and distribution can help you to maintain compliance across the whole chain, offering rich resources and training materials that can either be made freely available across the entire chain or restricted to certain partners.


Regulatory training

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s crucial to keep all parts of the supply chain up to date on regulatory and organisational restrictions, from contract manufacturers to third party logistics organisations. Organising face to face training across these different supply chain partners would prove to be challenging given constraints of time and location. 


Consistency is key in the logistics business and with an LMS, you can ensure that everyone gets the same standard of training across a wide range of operational procedures. All employees and partners have access to the same material, but you can also create specific material for certain markets, organisations, or even individuals.


Easy content authoring & import

In an industry where things are ever-changing, you need to be able to quickly and easily update training materials. That’s one of the features of Cheyenne LMS: with no coding or tech skills required, you can update your learning modules as soon as the need arises.

Of course, there are many standard training packs that are commercially available from online specialists.  Importing lessons or courses is easy and a good way to save your Trainers time. 


Extensive reporting features

With our in-depth analytics, you’ll be able to see at a glance what training modules work and which ones don’t, allowing you to tweak and improve content as time goes on. You’ll also be able to easily see which employees or partners have completed mandatory and voluntary training modules.


You can also add rewards as an incentive to work through more training, whether it’s continuous professional development or industry-standard training.


Use collaboration to build efficiency in your Supply Chain  

Cheyenne has built-in collaboration tools that allow forums, groups, discussions and even Zoom calls to be quickly created.  These can be used cross-organisations to connect multiple providers within your supply chain that may be working on the same project, product or even incident.  


Get started today

Ready to improve your training processes? Get in touch with us here at Cheyenne to find out more about how we can support you with an LMS for supply chain and distribution.

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