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e-Learning for brand building

All membership organisations  are continually challenged by:

  • Increasing membership numbers

  • Attracting funding, investment or franchisees

  • Justifying funding or fees

  • Remaining relevant by demonstrating value to their members


An LMS and taking an educational approach is a great way to build and reinforce your brand to both known and unknown audiences

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LMS being used on a mobile phone

Education, education, education

  • Educate potential members, investors or franchisees​

  • Educate existing members on compliance, standards and best practice

  • Educate the public and customers on how you are changing the world

e-learning on a laptop


  • Easily integrate core systems such as CRM and reporting applications

  • Fast configuration to match your existing brand and organisational structure

  • Extensive SSO, security and hosting options

person learning on a laptop


  • Fast deployment

  • Fully supported by our account management and tech teams

  • Ongoing support as you require

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