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Franchise Support

Have you ever thought about adding a learning management system to your resource bundle for your franchises? Doing so offers a range of benefits. You’ll be able to quickly and easily train - and attract - new franchisees, reduce the churn rate of existing franchises, and ensure you get it right for your customers every time.


Common challenges for franchises

Do you recognise any of these challenges franchisors often face?

How to increase sales

How to access an easily managed supply chain

How to turn customers into repeat customers

What is expected of franchisees in your network

Benefit from lessons learnt by others

What franchisees can gain from their business 

Onboarding new franchisees

Onboarding new franchisees can be challenging, particularly if they’re based in a different location from you. There’s mandatory training to do including compliance, operations, systems and process and procedure training to ensure that your new franchisee is fully compliant.


As a franchisor, you’ve invested heavily into your brand and conveying your skills, knowledge and brand values to new additions to the network can be a challenge, whether it’s ensuring training is consistent across all franchisees or making sure that you don’t forget about any key points.

Supporting your franchise network

How do you communicate with your franchise network quickly and efficiently when you need to convey new information about the brand? This could be related to:


  • New product releases

  • Service changes

  • Process and procedural changes

  • Compliance training

  • Sharing best practice between franchises


How can our LMS support you through these challenges?

A learning management system or e-learning suite can play a key role in providing the training and support you need for your network.

We can offer a training solution whilst supporting and upholding your brand values to provide:


  • Interactive compliance training

  • Tests and quizzes to ensure that information has been understood

  • Certificates to award course completion

  • Courses structured according to business needs


Whether you’re reaching out to new potential franchisees, onboarding new ones, or training your existing network in new products, our LMS is an integral part of your digital support material.

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