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Cheap Proposition

Simple to deploy, simple to manage

to get up and running

Cheyenne set up is free

learning content creation

Because Cheyenne is quick and easy to use, you won't need an army of designers and developers - so the cost of creating and maintaining training content plummets.


However, when time or internal resources are tight, then you can call on Cheyenne's highly experienced Instructional Design team. Clients benefit from flexible access to expert designers, for a fraction of the cost of a salaried full time in-house design team.


overhead cost

Cheyenne LMS has been designed to be "light-touch". It's designed for companies that neither have nor wan the expense of a dedicated LMS team.


For those clients that wan zero admin, we can provide a fully outsourced management team, that supports your training teams, freeing them from the LMS admin burden. 

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More about Cheyenne LMS

Why Cheyenne is cheap

Here’s the “open secret”:  there are thousands of LMSs on the market.  Literally thousands.  Many have invested millions in development.  Many of these players were the first entrants when few alternatives existed.  All of these have capital to repay and therefore have to employ a number of tactics to get you locked into a recurring revenue pattern.  “Freemium”, “Free for Ever”, “Flight of Features” will all sound familiar to you.   Newer market players have discovered the low cost way of providing an LMS to you.  Many of the newer entrants will use similar “lock in” tactics. However, regardless of whether a player in the market is old or new, there is little to differentiate between the capabilities of the platforms


Others in the e-learning market (ourselves included) recognise that the value of “Learning Management Systems” is not in the platform itself but in the quality of the content and the audience-engagement capabilities.  Success in these is entirely dependent on the skills and experience of people.  These qualities cannot be systemised.  


These are among the reasons why you are starting to see LMS “vendors” begin to offer their platform free of charge so that they can concentrate on their “Content” play - vast libraries of generic content that your company and thousands of others can use.  


Our approach is to understand where you see value being added by e-learning (eg a better LMS, better content, engaging new audiences or retaining an existing audience).  More importantly we would want to understand where you see no value being added.  We are flexible enough to come up with a model that means you only pay for value added and not for the stuff that doesn’t add value for you.

Why Cheyenne is easy

We believe in familiarity.  We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We prefer configuration to coding.


Creating a learning environment that is familiar to your company (branding, look & feel, security etc), to your trainers and to learners is easy because of the technologies we’ve brought together as Cheyenne.  These technologies will be as familiar to tech admins and web designers as they are to trainers.  They are easy to learn (if you are not already familiar with them) and highly configurable. 


However, our aim is to get you up and running as fast as possible. We want to make it easy for you to start realising commercial benefit as fast as possible then hand over the reins to you as you become more familiar, confident and skilled in using the tools. Therefore we’ll work with you to understand what configuration best matches your organisation and desired training outcomes then do the configuration for you.  We’ll help familiarise your trainers and content authors with the tools for their use (should they need support).  We’ll familiarise your tech staff with administration and infrastructure (should you wish) so that “control” rests with yourselves or us.  The choice here is yours.

Why Cheyenne is quick

Software and platform vendors, even those offering SaaS solutions, invariably suggest that their business application can be up and running, to meet your needs in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. Whatever timeframe they promote while pitching to you, you know it always takes longer.  You know that every time you hear “that is a very specific requirement”, the timeframe gets longer or you will need to drop the requirement and then “manage expectations” internally.


We know this too because we’ve been frustrated in the same way numerous times.


Getting an LMS live (whether it’s to be used for internal staff training, improving engagement with existing customers / suppliers or helping grow a new audience) and realising commercial benefit as fast as possible does not have to be painful.  Think days, not weeks.  


We can show you how.  We could do it for you.  Or, if you’ve got good web design and administration skills or your own, we can simply tell you how we do it, so you can do it yourself.  Fast.

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